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Dec 29, 2012 12:00pm EST
, the commander in the pentagon, called up rob freeze, who was the owner of globe fire suits said we need 300 fire suits here tomorrow. rob said, what's the sizes? i don't know, figure out how to get them here. rob freeze, the small company in new hampshire of about 300 people assembled fire suits, and rob was the only one allowed to take a mercy flight after 9/11, the only one allowed in the air space, delivered the fire suits, and the firefighters used them to put out the fire in the pentagon. it's a story about patriotism, but it's more than that. i wanted to know, well, what is it that allowed globe fire suits to still have comparative advantages, and one of the biggest insights for globe fire suits came in a production efficiency. they are able to make fire suits much cheaper than a lot of their foreign competitors, and the idea, which i go into detail in the book came from one of the employees on the assembly line who said that if you use a smaller size needle than a larger sized needle, you're actually going to make smaller holes b and it's going to save fabric which saves clothe. it was an
Dec 23, 2012 12:00am EST
] >> rachel cox, who was rob cox? >> a rob rob cox is my deceased uncle, who made that decision in june of 1941, six months before pearl harbor brought america into world war ii, he made the decision that he wanted to fight the war against fascism and went to england and enlisted as an officer candidate with the british army. he took with him for friends, another man who was a student at harvard and three dartmouth guys who had recently graduated and were intent on doing what they could to help the cause of freedom and liberty against the forces of nazi fascism. >> so he was studying at harvard at the time. what was he studying and what was his life trajectory at that point? >> well, he, like his four brothers, had grown up in new jersey and vermont where his family had property for several generations. he went to prep school at st. paul's school where he distinguished himself as a student and as a student leader and as an athlete and like all his brothers and his uncles and his grandfather before him, he was quite literary. he was a good writer and known as a good writer and when he we
Dec 30, 2012 11:15pm EST
the time to bone up on the people trying to rob us through the x corporation and rob us through the light union and the people getting a subsidy for this and of that. because we think about our ten seconds a year and they think about it all day, everyday so there is only one thing we can do and that is to cut taxes and slice the size of the government. [applause] >> because you know, who knows if they are confidence men. i don't know. i met mitt romney. i liked everything he did. i shook his hand. and i actually grew up and i was born on the south side of chicago where obama claims to come from, born in hyde park. and i saw that whole -- i see everything through that. of course they are confidence men. next question. [laughter] we have a question here. we are reopening the revival of al pacino you have a striking place around the; american capitalism and the is no problem there. there's this great place with nothing to do with his political message but as a great artist who's written do you see yourself evil thing in some way that in some way the way that you articulate your politics and
Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm EST
impossible but the then governor of illinois was mentioned rob flood of which -- the ugly of block a and hit seem to to hem a powerful appointment to which the appointment should make you rich but the plant turned out to have a glitch perhaps the fed said flipped a switch and so much for rob blob of which. in 2012 was a little concerned wonder two candidates were left over to your fans including romney when i did a poem about him yes, he is so slick of speech and garb he reminds us of ken of ken and barbie. quick to shed his regalia he may be lacking genitalia. [laughter] one but we had good candidates for car was concerned there was only one primary in 2008 i had to. we had people like rick perry like john edwards has beautiful hair. and a good time because they say the neath the space beneath the hair is. [inaudible] this book ends with the actual election. since then we have talked like the republicans have lost. i wrote a poem about that called the republican in soul-searching. we're searching our souls and wondering why we got beat so badly our rivals are gloating. is obvious when the c
Dec 15, 2012 7:00pm EST
-year-old girl who tried to rob a convenience store with a loaded gun." that's a real insight to the challenges we have, but just the challenge that anybody has coming here just sort of taking it all in and trying to sort through what's important and what's not. >> that was the strange thing. you mentioned the evangelist murders. at one point, i was just doing a lot of research into detroit history, and i came across this very sensational crime that happened, you know, in the 20s, in this -- it caught my attention because it involved italians, and my parents were here, are, you know, both italian immigrants, and so at that time, this neighborhood -- actually, very close to where the blues concerts are on the east side, was very italian, and there was this guy, called himself benny evangelist. his last anytime was evangelista. he was kind of a cult leader. there was some catholic stuff, but he basically had his own religion and wrote a weird book called small like "the secret history of the universe revealed through a cult science in detroit, michigan." [laughter] which i almos
Dec 16, 2012 8:00am EST
friedman said, we just don't have the time to bone up on the people who are trying to rob us through the x corporation, the people who are trying to rob us through the y union and the people who are getting a subsidy for this and that because we think about it for ten seconds a year, and they think about it all day every day. so there's only one thing that we can do, and that's to cut taxes and slash the size of the government. [applause] because, you know, who knows, who knows if there are confidence men. i don't know. you know, i met mitt romney. i like him very much. i shook his hand. on the other hand, i actually grew up and was born on the south side of chicago where obama claims to come from and was born in hyde park, and i saw that whole substratum -- i see everything through -- of course, they're all confidence men. next question. [laughter] >> we have a question here. >> [inaudible] ross is reopening a revival with al pacino playing a different role. your great and striking plays are rather cynical about american capitalism, and no great problem this. interestingly, harold pinter,
Dec 9, 2012 7:00am EST
. >> they were comfortable, yes. >> what inspired rob cox two, six months before, go off to europe? >> well, this is one of the questions that fascinate me when i started researching the book. he was an idealistic young man. i knew that. he went to a school that, a christian school, and he was somewhat religious and felt that life was meant to be at more than just yourself, and to have meaning and be helpful to others, that kind of thing. there were a few less noble motivations i think. he was graduated from college. he had no other obvious plan, and yet what we would now call a low draft number. he knew that it was a good chance you'll be drafted drafted into the american army, which had resumed the draft in come at the end of 1940. but had no clear plans to actually go to war, and he wasn't too excited i don't think about spending the next couple of years training for military. so he was casting around for something, and i think this fulfill a lot of meaningful, fulfilled a lot of meaningful goals for him. >> how did he get from harvard to england? i mean, who did he contact? >> that's a
Dec 23, 2012 10:00pm EST
was the source of the of raw material for his silk works? >> it was raw silk from china. it was rob. it came from china and ultimately he would trade and imports from japan. raw silk is like he imported and converted into thread and that was turned into fabric. >> what does it look like? >> here is a silkworm cocoon. the moth is still inside. the manufacturing of silk is very complicated and the extraordinary process. this one a cocoon is wound was one strand of silk half a mile long but it is so fine it is barely perceptible and nowhere near enough shape to be used as the red. in a nutshell, fink of a pyramid and silk cocoons at the bottom the filaments are wound together into a layer and then another layer until you have one thread made of various silk filaments. it is silk that has been unwound from the cocoon and joined together part way up the pyramid that arrives in states in bundles they were called books. >> did they ship textile as well? >> yes. he began to manufacture silk threadfin in holyoke he would weave the thread into fabrics that enabled him to succeed because when he rebuilt the
Dec 29, 2012 4:20pm EST
summit of the book. for more information, visit -- don't summit. >> who is rob cox? >> he is my deceased uncle who made the decision six months before pearl harbor brought america into world war ii, he made the decision that he wanted to fight the war against them and went to england and enlisted as an officer candidate with the british army. he took with him porphyrins, another man who was a student at harvard who had recently graduated and they were doing what they could to help the cause. saving their liberties against the forces of market fascism. >> he was studying at harvard at the time. what was his life trajectory at that point? >> he liked his four brothers and they had grown up in new jersey together and vermont where his family had had property for quite a long time. several generations. he went to prep school at st. paul's school, where he was distinguished as a student and a student leader. like all his brothers, they went to harvard. he was a good writer, known as a good writer. and when he went to war, he kept journals and wrote one of the letters
Dec 22, 2012 9:00am EST
to rob a suburban convenience store with a loaded gun. >> that is the challenge we have, the challenge anybody has coming here, taking a call in and trying to sort of threw what is important. >> that was a strange thing. you mentioned the evangelist murders and that was tied to a person. at one point i was doing research into a deflationary history and came across a sensational crime that happened in the 20s. it caught my attention because it involved battalions and my parents were here, both italian immigrants and at that time this neighborhood, actually very close to what the east side, was very italian and this guy called themselves benny evangelist and he was a cult leader. sort of there was some catholic stuff in his called but he basically made up his own religion and this really weird book called something like the secret history of the universe as revealed through occult science in detroit, michigan. i almost used that for my title. he ended up he and his entire family were brutally gruesomely murdered. they were be headed, his children were killed as well, and it was a big sen
Dec 22, 2012 12:00pm EST
. in the murder of mexicans upon their own sorrow or robbing them of their country, i can take apart either now or hereafter. and he was rather strong in his opinions, but that was the kind of critique the ec certainly by march of 1847 when the united states bombarded the town of veracruz bidding to the deaths of a lot of civilians. and anti american critique. the second grounds were slavery and giddings was an abolitionist , but it was not just abolitionists are people in new england in tucson issues of slavery be really important. it would make slavery sprayed and make the slave power stronger again, it was not just people in newfoundland. consider for a moment this very popular print. maybe some of you have seen this. it's kind of a neat image of the power of newspapers. this was called the news from mexico. sort of a well-known and respected artist at the time. first it looks like an image of people being enthusiastic about the war. had just gone news in the newspapers. in fact with a u.s.-mexico war was the first war were journalists traveled and were embedded with troops. this is the firs
Dec 29, 2012 8:15pm EST
to little more than cool categorizations especially if israelis. labels that she says ken rob the smart, savvy and lively people which she came to know in their decency and humanity. all of these things provide little if any feel for the actual israeli way of life and it is that of all things i hope to portray in these pages. let me say at the outset that i think that lela has fulfilled this in particular in portraying the israeli people and their way of life. and that is important because i think she is right about what the world knows about israel -- israel through the various issues he enumerated, above all for an foreign piece. i suppose i should say, this is the way people mostly know other countries, mostly from afar, and mostly through what journalists write about and what we occasionally see on tv. we don't have an intimate sense of what people are like there are. the question would be, what's different about israel? i think there is a difference in the difference is israel is so frequently in the news and so much in terms of the issues that people think they really do know this
Dec 1, 2012 9:00am EST
that this is a way of robbing women of agency and individuality, using them to object or commodities. i have written several articles on this subject myself and the latest one was about the pornographic abuse of women on the internet. what about the degrading prison of plastic surgery's. nicolas sarkozy calls the burqa a degrading prison, what about plastic surgery? agreed, and dress in the locker room of my jaw my see women bearing the scars of mike reception, to me, breast implants and some no doubt undertaken out of personal choice but i think a lot undertaken also by the pressure of the gender culture to conform to a male norm of female beauty that casts women as sex objects. of the proposal were to ban all practices concerning which the ministry of feminism concluded day objectify women the proposal would at least be consistent, although few including few feminists would endorse such a sweeping restriction of liberty where the authorities would have a small number of alleged feminist experts. but it is not consistent. proponents of the burqa ban did not propose to ban all these objectifying pra
Dec 9, 2012 5:45pm EST
that corruption robbed the service of. we saw this in the floodses, the earthquake, come in with medical aide quickly, tents quickly while the state is twid ling its thumbs on a foreign trip to france. i -- u -- you know, i think as a young country, it's only 63 years old. when this country was 63 years old, you know -- >> still ready for the civil war. >> getting ready for the civil war so i think there is -- and an incredible amount of space for hope, for pakistan. >> good, well, the fact you are still living there is an element of that. let's take questions from the audience. starting here in the lowest reaches. wait for the microphone, brief, ask the question, if there's a paper to read a speech, put it down. [laughter] >> this is just a paper handed to me. during your reading and during your speech, it's clear that, first of all, a pleasure listening to you. >> thank you. >> it was clear that i just want to let you know we don't like him either. [laughter] more importantly, my question is, you know, after he, there's another, and we have not touched upon that, perhaps, you can spend a ha
Dec 22, 2012 7:45pm EST
can recognize him. that's definitely him. this is a man named rob lowe. i'm sorry, that is kono. the fact that you could get close to the rebellion i think was very exciting. one thing i didn't mention is that six days after the amistad african came to shore in new london connecticut, play was being reformed in new york about their appraising. it only took six days and it was a hit. it was a hit in a theater that had a very large working-class audience, a black-and-white audience at the bowery theater. it was estimated thousands of people saw that plan they learned about the rebellion that way and he was a hero. all of the things are kind of counterintuitive, aren't they? that is part of why this project was so surprising. they did not expect to see this level of not only popular interest but a sympathy. a lot of people went to jail saying i hate the abolitionist but i really support those africans. those abolitionists are dangerous extremist but we support these people. we want those people to be free so it's interesting it expands the idea of anti-slavery the abolitionist. yes
Dec 24, 2012 10:00am EST
someone a newspaper, you're close enough to rob them as well. from the course of, over the course of history, cities have been battling with the demons of density; crime, contagious disease, congestion. this is a map a of death rates in new york from 1800 to today. a boy born in new york city could expect to live seven years less than the national average, today life expectancies are three years longer. we don't understand fully why cities like boston and new york are healthier than denser areas. some people credit walking, more people credit social connection. among younger people, though, it's crystal clear. two big causes for the death, motor vehicle accidents and suicide, both much rarer. it's a lot safer to get on the t after a few drinks than it is to get behind the wheel of a car. not that i'm recommending anything. [laughter] maybe suicide rates also reflect social connection or the influence of gun culture where there's a strong existence. now, this didn't happen by accident. america's cities and towns only became safe through massive expenditures on water works, right? a
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)